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Hi, I'm Rachel

Lover of practical ideas, conversations with kindred spirits, and my two wild children who keep life interesting.Β  I combined all of these passions when I created 3 in 30, a podcast for moms who want doable takeaways to try with their families - strategies to help us manage the madness and maximize the magic of motherhood.

Before I had my kids, I was a camp counselor for kids with disabilities, a volunteer in an orphanage in El Salvador, and a high school English teacher. Then my husband and I struggled with infertility and went through the adoption process and IVF to get our two miracle babies.

After all of my experiences working with children, and after my long fight to become a mother, I truly believed that I would thrive as a mom from day one.

Let's just say my transition to motherhood was a little rougher than I had imagined...

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Do your kids turn during the winter break and traveling for holidays? I know mine often do, and I also know that it's because they are overly excited, exhausted, and hyped up on sugar. It's hard to blame them!

This week's podcast gives advice on how to protect our kids from holiday "soul fevers"--those times when they are acting out because they are just plain overstimulated! The guest is a professional family therapist who has been in private practice for 14 years. She is also a mother herself, and she is one of the major players in the Simplicity Parenting movement. Don't miss out on her wisdom and advice! Links in comments.
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ADVICE NEEDED! This week's episode was about simplifying and decluttering, but then we got this GREAT question from a listener. Do you have advice??
"I would like to get some input on home decor. My issue is that my mom is constantly buying me home decor items that I don’t like or want but feel obligated to keep because they were a gift. Do I just display the things she gives me regardless? Or do I tell her to stop giving me these things? Gifts are her love language and I would hate to offend her."
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Your four-year-old son is whining that there's nothing to do. You walk with him to the playroom, only to find that he has dumped out every bin of toys, yet can't seem to find anything suitable to hold his attention.
Unable to face the mess of Legos, cars, Magformers, and stuffed animals that are now strewn everywhere, you simply close the door to the playroom and pretend it doesn't exist. You turn on the TV to keep your little man occupied while you make dinner, and you wonder, β€œWhat new toy should we get him for Christmas that he will actually play with?”
If this scene sounds familiar, this episode is for you. Listen in as Tana Parke, a mother of five children and a semi-professional organizer, shares three strategies for keeping our kids' clutter at bay.
Who needs help with this topic?? Stream the episode from my website using the link in the comments below, or download the episode on the Apple Podcast app or the Android Stitcher Radio (or several others) under β€œ3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms.”
πŸ“·: Cate Johnson @withatouchofwhimsy
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I've been getting texts all day from friends who LOVED this week's episode about "How to Create a More Peaceful Home." If you haven't listened already, you definitely need to!

Cate Lewis Johnson shares her heartfelt journey from an overwhelmed mom with too much stuff and not enough bandwidth to connect with her children--to an empowered mom who has created an environment of calm and contentment in her home. She shares three doable "takeaways" that we can all use and adjust for our own parenting styles and family dynamics. Link to stream the episode below, as well as a link to subscribe/download in iTunes! You can also find the podcast on Android podcast apps!
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This week, my family suffered a terrible loss, and I couldn't go on with "business as usual" on the podcast. This is a more personal, more religious episode, but I think the messages of hope are universal. Share with someone who might need it. Link in the comments. ... See MoreSee Less

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