Ep. 009 Protecting our Kids from a Holiday “Soul Fever” // Carrie Thomas Scott, MA LCPC

Protecting our Kids from a Holiday Soul Fever
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Though you may never have defined it as  “soul fever” before, all parents have witnessed this malady taking over their children from time to time…when kids have had too much excitement, too little sleep, too much sugar, and too little downtime–and their behavior shows it!

On today’s episode, Carrie Thomas Scott–a licensed professioCarrie-Thomas-Scott_013nal counselor and a mother herself–uses the four pillars of Simplicity Parenting to teach us how to protect our kids from catching a “soul fever” this holiday season.

Listen in for concrete strategies on how to help your children stay balanced and soul-healthy this holiday using these four pillars:

1. Environment

2. Schedule

3. Rhythms

4. Filtering Out the Adult World

Show Notes

Simplicity Parenting by Kim John Payne


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Rachel loves birthday surprises, summer sunsets, and a handsome man named Ryan. She taught high school English for five years before deciding to be a stay-at-home mom to their son, Noah Atticus, who was born in August of 2011. His little sister, Sally Grace, arrived in July of 2014. Rachel and Ryan consider both of their babies to be miracles, as Noah is adopted and Sally was conceived through IVF.

When Rachel is not caring for the littles or picking up the house for the 100th time, she edits for Power of Moms and writes about motherhood, infertility, adoption, eating disorders, her ridiculously cute children, and the ups and downs of daily life. Nothing gives her more satisfaction than capturing in words the deepest feelings of her heart.

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