"Declutter Your Motherhood" Workshop

Rachel Nielson teaching at workshop

This past fall, Rachel Nielson—the host of the popular parenting podcast '3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms'—spent three full days organizing her home with a professional organizer. Throughout this experience, she made connections to how we can “declutter” our mindsets, particularly in regards to our motherhood.

Just as you go through your clothes and belongings every year and purge those that no longer fit or work for you, it’s time to examine your inner “motherhood closet” and get rid of worn-out shoulds and limiting beliefs that only cause guilt, perfectionism, and comparison in your role as a mom.

In this five-hour workshop, Rachel, a skilled and experienced teacher, will lead you through a step-by-step process of examining the junk that’s been piling up in the corners and on the shelves of your heart, so you can find more authentic joy in your motherhood experience, by being more authentically YOU.

Rachel is known for powerful personal stories and transformative takeaways, and this workshop will be filled with both.

Before the Workshop:

  • Fill out a detailed pre-workshop questionnaire (will be emailed two weeks before). This will get you started thinking about the areas of your motherhood and life you'd like to declutter, and it will help Rachel prepare to address your specific needs and interests in the workshop.

During the Workshop:

  • Use a detailed workbook to dig deeply into the aspects of your upbringing, beliefs, and current life circumstances that impact your feelings about motherhood.
  • Be part of an intimate, discussion-based workshop experience. Only 25 tickets are available to this event so Rachel can truly engage and brainstorm with each of you about your questions, epiphanies, challenges, and goals.
  • Enjoy a delicious catered lunch and conversation with like-minded mothers

After the Workshop:

  • Leave the workshop with a personalized action plan for how you can maximize joy and minimize stress in your motherhood going forward
Workshop Attendees

Former workshop attendees have said:

“Rachel’s class helped me take honest inventory of the expectations I have for myself as a woman and a mother. Her teaching style gets straight to the point and to the heart. She puts people at ease and manages to be warm, funny, honest and sensitive at the same time.” –Molly

“I loved learning from Rachel about owning who I am as a mother. She gave me tangible tools to improve myself and the way I feel about my mothering. I’m a better mother and a more confident person after attending her life-changing class.” –Amber

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