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Hi, I'm Rachel

Lover of practical ideas, conversations with kindred spirits, and my two wild children who keep life interesting.  I combined all of these passions when I created 3 in 30, a podcast for moms who want doable takeaways to try with their families - strategies to help us manage the madness and maximize the magic of motherhood.

Before I had my kids, I was a camp counselor for kids with disabilities, a volunteer in an orphanage in El Salvador, and a high school English teacher. Then my husband and I struggled with infertility and went through the adoption process and IVF to get our two miracle babies.

After all of my experiences working with children, and after my long fight to become a mother, I truly believed that I would thrive as a mom from day one.

Let's just say my transition to motherhood was a little rougher than I had imagined...

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2 days ago

3 in 30 Podcast
It's that time of year again...we are into the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, which is one of my favorite times of year. But it can also be a time that starts to feel really overwhelming and stressful if we let it, so for this week’s episode, I wanted to focus on SIMPLE things we can do to create meaningful holiday memories for our children that will connect them to the generations that came before and will come after! I pulled a very special episode from the archives to re-air as an encore. Unless you've been here from the very beginning, I doubt you will have heard it because it was originally episode 10, aired all the way back in 2017. (This week’s episode is 210! Two hundred episodes later!) The special guests are my beloved grandparents, who have since passed away. I actually had to take a deep breath before I listened to this episode again because I knew that hearing their voices would make my heart ache for them. But I am so grateful I have their voices and their words recorded. I miss them deeplyListen in as I share three very simple ways that they made holidays special for me, that I now continue with my own children! I know this episode will inspire you and remind you of what matters most this holiday season…family, love, and connection.(And can we take a moment to acknowledge how insanely sweet this photo is of Sally with her Great Grampy? Love is so special.)Happy holidays! #connectgenerations #ancestorswisdom #holidaytraditions #familytraditions #greatgrandparents #greatgrand #mompodcast #podcastformoms ... See MoreSee Less
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