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Create more meaning in Motherhood

A 30-minute podcast with 3 doable takeaways
to make your family life a little better each week


Hi, I'm Rachel

Lover of practical ideas, conversations with kindred spirits, and my two wild children who keep life interesting.  I combined all of these passions when I created 3 in 30, a podcast for moms who want doable takeaways to try with their families - strategies to help us manage the madness and maximize the magic of motherhood.

Before I had my kids, I was a camp counselor for kids with disabilities, a volunteer in an orphanage in El Salvador, and a high school English teacher. Then my husband and I struggled with infertility and went through the adoption process and IVF to get our two miracle babies.

After all of my experiences working with children, and after my long fight to become a mother, I truly believed that I would thrive as a mom from day one.

Let's just say my transition to motherhood was a little rougher than I had imagined...

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3 days ago

3 in 30 Podcast

I’m sure most parents can relate to this scene: Your son isn’t paying attention and accidentally knocks his younger sister into a door frame as he walks by. She starts to cry and grabs her head in pain, but he doesn’t seem to notice or care. When you point that out he says, “Well I didn’t do it on purpose!” 🤦🏼‍♀️😡
Oh my goodness, is anything more infuriating as a parent?? I can’t count the number of times I’ve said to both of my children, “I don’t care if you didn’t do it on hurt your sibling! Just say you’re sorry, get down and give a hug, and ask, ‘What can I do to help you feel better?”
In this week’s episode about racism and bias, Jasmine Bradshaw of the First Name Basis Podcast talks about staying humble and open-minded when someone tells you that you’ve said something hurtful, insensitive, or prejudiced. Your intent doesn’t matter nearly as much as how the other person is feeling. Just say you’re sorry and ask how you can help or do better next time.
Jasmine also reminds us that if your reaction is humble and empathetic, “you won't even need to defend your intent because your intent will be clear. It will be clear that you didn't mean to say or do something racist if your reaction is, ‘Oh my gosh, I don't ever want to do that again. How can I change?’”
Isn’t this amazing advice for so many situations and conversations in life?? I want to raise kids who can take responsibility when they hurt others without getting defensive or making it about them, and I want to live the same way! Thank you, Jasmine, for such a thought-provoking episode!!
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