036: Momming Like a Boss: Using Corporate Leadership Strategies in Our Homes // Whitney Archibald of ‘How She Moms’

Are you looking for some home management tips to help organize the chaos?


When Whitney Archibald started working as a magazine editor after college, she naturally excelled in this leadership role. She effectively managed her team, created clear objectives for their work, and maintained focus and excellence in her responsibilities.

When she was pregnant with her third baby, she decided to start staying home full-time with her children–and one day she looked around her chaotic home and realized that she was not excelling in this “second career” in her life. Determined to make a change, she started putting as much commitment into learning how to manage her home as she had put into learning how to manage her responsibilities at work.

She discovered that many of the same strategies that she had applied in her business life could be applied in this new phase of her life–and today on the podcast she is sharing those strategies with us!

Listen in to find out Whitney’s top 3 home management tips that will allow you to take small but meaningful steps towards “Momming Like a Boss” and managing your home and family more effectively and with more confidence.


Show Notes

Whitney’s website: https://www.howshemoms.com/

Whitney’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/howshemoms/

“Cleaning Strategies for the Naturally Messy Mom” podcast: https://3in30podcast.com/cleaning-strategies/

Get a recap of ALL of the months’ takeaways: 3in30podcast.com/takeaways

6 thoughts on “036: Momming Like a Boss: Using Corporate Leadership Strategies in Our Homes // Whitney Archibald of ‘How She Moms’”

  1. Whitney, you’re an amazing mom and your approach to this tough job is inspiring! Thanks for sharing your ideas! LOVED this episode!!!

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  4. I can’t remember if it was this episode or the next one (ps I loved both) but y’all were talking about whether or not to help your child clean when they ask and you suspect they just want you to do it. What I usually tell my son is once he cleans up the books in his room (just an example) then I will come help him clean the rest. This gets him going and I also don’t deny him help (because my kids also turn my phrases around on me at inconvenient times LOL).

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