110: How to Compassionately Respond to Homelessness // Meg Martin

I love this time of year when the whole world seems to be more focused on reaching out to our neighbors and making a difference in our communities.Today on the podcast, I am so honored to have my life-long friend Meg Martin with us. Meg is a certified peer counselor and social worker who is a founding member and the Executive Director of Interfaith Works Homeless Services in Olympia, Washington. After recovering from her own battles with mental illness and addiction, she felt compelled to help those who often struggle with the same issues but who don’t have the family and financial support to get the services they need to get well.

I hope today’s episode will make it feel much more possible to reach out to a group of people who need the support and assistance of their communities– not just during the holidays but all year long with these three takeaways for how to compassionately respond to homelessness: 

Meg Martin’s 3 Takeaways on How to Respond to Homelessness

1) Learn about the reasons why people end up experiencing homelessness 

2) Do not repress the desire to be generous

3) It’s okay to have boundaries

Use this link to donate to the Interfaith Shelter Works Project:


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