112: How to Declutter Your Schedule // Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative

Does your daily schedule feel deeply fulfilling, or do you often feel like life is a bit of a runaway train?

Are your authentic values reflected by how you spend your time, or are your days filled up with things you’ve said yes to just because you felt that you “should”?

Today’s episode on how to declutter your schedule is for any mother who is searching for more intention, clarity, and calm in her day-to-day life.

For the past few months, I’ve been working on a special project behind-the-scenes: a private coaching program for women who have attended a Declutter Your Motherhood workshop. I am currently working with 18 women, and we meet virtually once a week to explore topics of decluttering our mindsets and our lives.

In December, our group had a private masterclass with Miranda Anderson, an author, blogger, and podcaster who specializes in decluttering your home AND your life so you can design a life of intention. Truly, I don’t know anyone in this world who lives with more intention than Miranda.

This episode is an excerpt from her masterclass where she shares 3 takeaways to declutter your daily schedule. Let’s dig in! 

Three Takeaways on How to Declutter Your Schedule:

1) Remember, everything is optional.

2) Time is a cycle, and it’s important to respect your seasons.

3) Put the “big rocks” in first every day–and remember that one of the big rocks is YOU.


Quotes from this episode:

  • “It was the first time I realized that life isn’t just about always adding more and more and more. At some point, I needed to actually make decisions and not just choose everything. I had to choose what was not going to fit in my life.”
  • “As humans, we want to do what’s comfortable, even if it’s not working. We will opt to do the things that we’re already doing because we know what the outcomes are and not knowing the outcome is scary enough that it keeps us from making changes. But if we make changes, that is the only way to understand what we’re actually capable of.”
  • “I think if you allow yourself to consider that every single thing on your schedule is optional, you are immediately able to feel some freedom. You clear everything off of your schedule and you decide what actually adds value.”
  • “I think that we owe it to ourselves to understand that we can say no, we can clear things off, we can discontinue things that we’ve been doing for a long time.”
  • “We often want to just replicate this ideal of what we think we should be accomplishing, doing, feeling. And if we have a little bit of perspective on the seasons and the cycles of time, we know that, it’s just all going to flow back around, and that where we are right now is just right.”
  • “What do you want your life to feel like? Think about the feeling that you want in your life, and then build a life around that feeling.”

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