114: How to Stop Looking at Your Phone So Much // Dr. Katie Penry

Do you ever felt guilty for being on your phone too much? Do you find your phone to be a distraction in your life? Do you have a desire to learn how to stop looking at your phone so much?

Dr. Katie Penry, a licensed clinical psychologist and mother of two young children, is on the podcast today teaching us the brain research behind why we need to look up from our phones and engage more with our little children.

And she doesn’t just tell us WHY to do this…she also tells us HOW! Listen in as she explains each of the following takeaways:


Three Takeaways on How to Stop Looking at Your Phone

  1. Decide on some sacred spaces and places where you will not use your phone. (This matters more than arbitrary time limits for yourself.)
  2. Tell your kids what you are doing when you are looking at your phone.
  3. Use your phone’s non-notification settings to help you be present at important times of day.


Quotes and Facts from this episode:

  • Almost 80% of your child’s brain development happens from age 0-3 years, through consistent verbal and non-verbal interaction with their parents
  • Look at your baby and attune to who they are and what they love–react to each other–Harvard Psychologists call this “Serve and Return”
  • Daniel Stern, a renowned American psychologist, found that 70%-80% of the time that your baby is alert, he/she is looking at you.
  • Babies are born able to see the exact distance from their biological mother’s eye to nipple. 


Full Transcript

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