119: How to Fall Back in Love with Motherhood When It All Feels Hard // Tessa Brown

“I feel like the joy in motherhood, or really any relationship, kind of ebbs and flows. Some weeks it all feels so happy and easy. Then other weeks it feels like motherhood is hard. In the hard weeks, my kids start to feel like so much work. I almost view them as these big obstacles in my way that I have to use all my strength to pick up and move all day long. It becomes so exhausting.

I was in a week like that one time and realized that I truly wasn’t looking at my children as relationships, as my little buddies, as humans. I was looking at them as a job, as just a lot of hard work. I was thinking motherhood is hard work. I needed to fall back in love with them. 

So now in the hard weeks sometimes I do let myself sit in the “this is hard” for a while; but then when I am done with my pity party, I decide to fall back in love with my kids, and I have come up with some really simple strategies that help me do that.”

Three Takeaways (for when motherhood is hard)

  1.  “Practice” the love you want to feel for each child through a two-minute meditation.
  2. Savor it. Take a sensory snapshot in the midst of a perfect moment.
  3. Tell your kids you love them in the moments you feel it the least.  

Key Points & Quotes from this episode:

  • Especially when motherhood is hard and I may feel a little or a lot “depressed” with it all, I sit in silence with affirmations and visualization every day.  
  • Motherhood can feel very one-sided on the long days….you doing all the giving, with not much receiving.  
  • Even when motherhood is hard, I have found that when I notice the ways my children are loving me back, I feel that energy and happiness a lot more effortlessly.  
  • When I am really feeling out of sorts emotionally it can feel really hard to even find the energy to “savor” something so instead when motherhood is hard, I simply “Notice it” 

Full Transcript

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