120: How to Teach Children to Eat // Holly Young

Feeding difficulties with kids can be stressful. From picky eaters to diagnosed biological eating challenges, feeding your family can be harder than anticipated. 

On this episode, guest Holly Young teaches us what she has learned from the past 10 years of working diligently to learn how to help her children eat, and overcome many obstacles.

Holly’s children have overcome feeding difficulties because she sought tools and education from specialists, and she was consistent in doing what she needed to do at home, day after day, to help them learn to eat. 

What a gift to them, and it motivates me to slow down the pace of my life so I can be a bit more deliberate about helping my kids learn to be good eaters. 


Three Takeaways (for feeding difficulties)

1) Remember that there are 32 steps to eating. If you have a child who is very resistant to eating, start with a low step and slowly move up.

2) Children are fighting for autonomy, so let your children help make decisions about food. 

3) Teach your child basic nutrition.

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