121: How to Clarify your Life’s Purpose // Brooke Snow

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive is, “HOW do I find my purpose?”

Women tell me that they feel this tug inside to do something deeply meaningful– whether that’s to dive into a passion project or hobby, to start a business, or to get a job in a field that they would love…and yet they can’t quite put their finger on WHAT it is that they want to do. 

Finding your life’s purpose…is it just something that sort of happens to you? Or can you actually take steps to figure it out?

Brooke Snow is the perfect guest to address this topic!

In this episode, you will hear Brooke Snow’s insights on how we can clarify our life’s purpose and pursue it with joy.

Brook Snow’s Three Takeaways

1. Pay attention to Curiosity and Desire.

2. Create a timeline of your life-turns, and look for the common themes. 

3. Your Life Purpose will always be about helping people. 

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