124: How to Stop Judging Yourself

On top of everything hard that’s going on in the world right now with COVID-19, the last thing that we need is to listen to our own negative self-talk and harsh judgement all day long as we try to navigate this new normal. 

With that in mind, I pulled ‘How to Stop Judging Yourself‘ from the archives because I think is THE most important episode I’ve ever aired on 3 in 30. Which is a bold claim, but I really do feel that way.

I hope the tools I present in this episode will help you to recognize and shut down that mean inner voice when it speaks to you during these strange weeks of quarantine. We really are doing the best we can.

How to Stop Judging Yourself

3 Takeaways

  1. Reject “filtered thinking” and embrace “big-picture thinking.”
  2. Talk to yourself the way you would talk to your best friend, sister, or daughter.
  3. Use “coping statements” to help you re-center and stay calm in moments when you might spiral into despair. Here is a list of coping statements to get you started!


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Do you have any useful insights on how to stop judging yourself? What did you find most helpful about this episode? Let me know in a comment below!