125: 3 Tips for the Accidental Homeschooling Mom // Bonnie & Audrey from the Outnumbered Podcast

A lot of parents are now “accidentally” homeschooling their children. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, schools are closed and it is now our responsibility to educate our children at home, even if that wasn’t the plan.

That’s why I knew I needed a homeschooling how to and some true experts on the show to help us all out in our time of desperation. So today on the podcast, we have two moms who have definitely reached expert status for several reasons: First, they each have nine children–yes, 18 kids between them–and second, they have been homeschooling all of those children for over a decade! That is a truly heroic and superhuman feat in my mind. 

And yet, they don’t see themselves as superhuman–they see themselves as normal moms doing their best to love and raise good children, just like all of us. They are on a mission to inspire moms to find joy in the chaos of motherhood through their weekly podcast called Outnumbered–which is such a hilarious and perfect title because they are obviously way outnumbered by their 9 children each. Yet they mother with grace, resilience, and joy every day.

I can’t wait to share this conversation about homeschool tips with you. Listen now.

 Homeschooling How To

In this episode we discuss

  1. How and why to prioritize self-care during survival mode times
  2. How to build in one-on-one time with each child (because it is the most impactful type of “schooling”)
  3. How to “start small” with learning-rich experiences and build on that.



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