131: How to Dig Yourself Out of Overwhelm as a Busy Mom // April Perry

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If you often go to bed feeling like you will never get caught up on all of your responsibilities, wondering how you could’ve worked so hard all day and still have a massive to-do list, this episode on how to dig yourself out of feeling like and overwhelmed mom is for you.

April Perry, the co-founder of the websites Power of Moms and Learn Do Become, shares a step-by-step process for digging yourself out of overwhelm as a busy mom.

April has spent thousands of hours developing an organization system that helps important people–from business leaders to mothers–control the chaos in their *minds* so they can focus on their true priorities.

In this episode, April explains this process in detail:

How to Dig Yourself Out of Feeling Like an Overwhelmed Mom

1) Make an ACCURATE list of all of the projects you have brewing in your mind. 

2) Narrow that list to no more than 7-8 projects to tackle this month. Put that shorter list in a visible place to reference often.

3) Using that list, identify tiny “next actions” that will move each project forward.

Show Notes

**Join me in going through April’s productivity program over the next few months! Go to 3in30podcast.com/step for all the details!

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