132: Inspiring Bravery in our Kids // Ashley Aikele and Elyse Beard

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What does it mean to be brave?

I asked my two kids their thoughts on how to be brave and I loved their answers. Sally, who is 5, said, “It means to fight in a war or something.” Noah, who is 8, said “To stand up for other people and to face your fears.”

My heart pretty much exploded when I heard both of their answers because it’s pretty incredible to see their sense of the world and themselves expanding with age and experience.

More than anything, I want to raise children who are brave–which, to me, means loving themselves and other people enough to do scary and uncomfortable things to bring their unique gifts to the world. 

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to two mothers who are doing exactly that. 

Just a few years ago, Ashley Aikele and Elyse Beard got the itch to start something after having experiences with their young children that made them realize that they wanted to provide better role model options for kids. 

Elyse had studied elementary education in college, and she loves to write; and Ashley studied advertising, business, and photography; so these two close friends brought their talents together to create beautiful children’s publication called Bravery Magazine.

Each issue focuses on a different inspirational woman and tells the story of her life, her struggles, and her contributions to the world, big and small.  

I cannot say enough about the beauty of this publication and how it has impacted my children, so I reached out to Bravery Magazine to see if they would be interested in collaborating with 3 in 30 as our June sponsor because I wanted all of you to know about the work they are doing.

I am thrilled and honored that they said yes, and I wanted you to get a personal introduction to their work today by bringing them on for an episode about how we as mothers can use role models to inspire our kids.

Three Takeaways for Teaching Your Kids How to be Brave

1) Tell your children the stories of inspirational people from history, current events, or even family history.

2) Use the life experiences of these heroes as a vehicle to introduce difficult topics. Ask yourself, “How can I use the challenges that this person faced to introduce this topic to my child in a gentle way?”

3) Introduce your children to new professions, places, and causes through the lens of a variety of role models.

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