318: Combating Emotional Fatigue while Caregiving // Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts


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When was the last time that you felt burned out, depleted, drained, and emotionally spent as a mother? I hope the answer is “It’s been a really long time!” but I know that for many of the mothers listening right now, the answer might be “today” or even “right this very minute.” Emotional exhaustion in the midst of our busy mom lives is so normal, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. We can work to bring daily practices into our lives that will restore us when we are feeling totally drained and hopefully also protect us from getting that drained in the first place. 

Today on the podcast I have an expert guest who is going to talk about the power of the mind, body, spirit connection in combating burnout and emotional fatigue while caregiving. Dr Chelsea Jackson Roberts is an internationally celebrated Peloton yoga teacher who brings her deep Midwest roots to the mat with a style of yoga that is accessible to all bodies and levels of skill. Widely recognized for her work with yoga and teens, and making connections between literacy development, storytelling, and yoga, Chelsea founded Yoga, Literature, and Art Camp at Spelman College Museum of Fine Art in 2014 after receiving her doctorate in Educational Studies from Emory University. An expert in slow-flow and restorative yoga, Chelsea prides herself in creating classes that leave her students with a strong sense of belonging and accomplishment. You can find her meditations and yoga classes on the Peloton app, and I can’t wait for you to hear her wisdom and connect with her gentle spirit in today’s episode. 


3 Takeaways on Combatting Caregiver Fatigue from Dr. Chelsea Jackson Roberts: 

  1. Use your meditation practice to get in front of burnout. A lot of times we’re told to go towards meditation or prayer after we experience trauma or burnout. But prioritizing soul-care even when we are doing fairly well emotionally will help us to stay more steady during the storms and valleys that inevitably come in life–because we will be ready and practiced at utilizing tools for emotional wellness. I love what Chelsea said she learned from her teacher: “Drink as you pour.” Don’t wait to be completely empty before you replenish.
  2. Understand how yoga can used as a restorative practice. Yoga isn’t just about being super fit and flexible–it’s also about “allowing yourself to be held.” Restorative yoga gives us a practice that can allow us to rest, observe, and tune in to the wisdom of our bodies. How would your life change if you prioritized this kind of restoration a few times a week or even once a week? As Chelsea pointed out in the interview, this kind of upfront investment will save you pain and even time later on.
  3. Use the breath as an anchoring tool during your motherhood journey. Noticing our breath and consciously slowing it down can keep us in the present moment when we start to spiral into fear or unknowns. If we can simply focus on our breath, we will be reminded of “What Is” instead of “What Ifs.” Remember that our bodies are meant to expand and contract along with the pattern of the breath, and we can build that kind of rhythm and flow into our lives, leaving time for plenty of exhales throughout our days, including some of these mindfulness practices that Chelsea recommends.  


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