140: Raising Culturally-Curious Children // Preethi B. Harbuck of Local Passport Family

It’s always been important to me to raise children who have a broad cultural awareness. I want my children to love themselves, their little community in rural Idaho, their country, their religion, and our unique family traditions–but I also want them to know that not everyone in this world lives like us or believes like us, and that is okay! 

Actually, it is more than okay…it’s beautiful and amazing and adds to the breadth of what we as humans get to experience on this incredible planet that we call home.

Today’s podcast guest, Preethi B. Harbuck, believes that raising culturally curious children can begin at home, starting when they are really young. Preethi is a mom of 5 young little children and the creator of many incredible educational resources for families which she shares on her blog, Local Passport Family.

She and her husband Dan have prioritized world travel with their children, and she shares many tips for traveling with kids and kid-friendly destination itineraries on her blog–but her work also has a deep focus on teaching our children about diversity and the world from our homes, especially when travel isn’t possible. 

In this week’s episode, she teaches us how to use books, everyday conversations, virtual field trips, and real field trips to provide our children with “mirrors” and “windows” into the world, so they can become more culturally curious. “Mirrors” are books or experiences where they see themselves reflected and feel a deeper sense of belonging in the world, and “windows” are books or experiences that help them see and understand new cultures and experiences.

Join us for this fascinating conversation!

3 Takeaways for Raising Children with Cultural Awareness

  1. Prepare your kids for broader cultural learning by slowly introducing them to diverse perspectives. A simple and safe way to do that is through children’s books
  2. Start by watching author Jane Kurtz read her book about Ethiopia called Trouble and discuss it with your kids!
  3. Teach your kids to be curious by answering their questions, asking your own questions, AND sharing about your day, whether they ask you about it or not. 
  4. Start by telling your children one thing that you did today that might spark a deeper conversation.
  5. Explore everywhere. Remember that even a little walk close to home can be considered an adventure and an opportunity for curiosity if we CHOOSE to be interested.
  6. Start by doing something with your kids that feels mildly inconvenient but that you know will give them a new experience.

Show Notes

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Do you have any other questions about cultural awareness? What did you find most helpful about this podcast? Let me know in a comment below!

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