142: How to Maximize your Time as a Busy Mom // Ceri Payne

As moms, we’ve got a lot going on all the time. I did a brain dump the other day of everything I’d like to be doing right now with my home, my family, my business, and my personal goals, and it was four pages long! Which is why I’m so excited to be talking to Ceri Payne today!

There are only 24 hours in a day, and it is simply just NOT POSSIBLE to do it all all at once. Sadly, it is also not possible to “create” more time–but we CAN maximize on the time we already have and make sure that we are using it wisely and in a way that truly aligns with our highest priorities. Today on the podcast, we have a guest who is an expert in teaching women how to do just that. 

Ceri Payne is a woman who definitely knows how to maximize her time. She went through the rigorous training at the Life Coach School with Brooke Castillo and started her successful coaching business WHILE working full-time as a special education teacher and being a devoted mother to three teenage girls. She now specializes in coaching overwhelmed moms on how to balance the demands of life and motherhood while creating their businesses. Whether or not you are ever interested in growing a business, I know the tips that Ceri has to share today are going to help you discover more time in your days so you can more fully pursue your interests, goals, and relationships.

Three Takeaways for Maximizing your Time as a Mom with Ceri Payne

1) Batch like-tasks together within your housekeeping and other life responsibilities, so you’re not wasting time and energy on task switching.

2) Minimize the number of decisions you have to make daily by developing routines and rhythms for as much as you can within your life, like laundry or even washing your hair.

3) Plan time to plan your time. This upfront investment will pay back dividends in the clarity that you’ll feel every day.

Show Notes

Ceri’s Website: https://organizedlife.coach/

Ceri’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/organizedlife.coach

Ceri’s Freebie: 24 Ways to Save 24 Hours This Month

Minimalist Meal Plan by Miranda Anderson

Brooke Castillo “Throw Away Your To-Do List” (episode 261)

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