146: How to Have Grace-Filled Political Conversations with Family & Friends // Sarah Stewart Holland & Beth Silvers of Pantsuit Politics

Sarah Stewart Holland and Beth Silvers are mothers and attorneys who are passionate about civic engagement, community, and politics. They believe that we can “choose to respect the dignity of every person, choose to recognize that issues are nuanced and can’t be reduced to political talking points, and choose to listen in order to understand.”

Sarah and Beth co-host a podcast called Pantsuit Politics where they model how to have grace-filled political conversations. They also wrote a book called, I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening).

Because of the tools these powerful women teach in their book and on their podcast, I have been able to navigate several heated political conversations with family and friends these past few months in a way that lead to deeper connection between us. (Miraculous, right??) I’m thrilled to have Sarah and Beth on the podcast today to teach us their best tools to navigate these sometimes divisive and exhausting exchanges with our friends and family.

Three Takeaways for Having Grace-Filled Political Conversations with Sarah Stewart Holland

1. Take off your jersey.

2. Exit the echo chamber.

^Suggestions of reputable media sources from both sides

3. Get curious.

Show Notes

Pantsuit Politics Website

Pantsuit Politics Instagram

I Think You’re Wrong (But I’m Listening) (book)

Pantsuit Politics on Apple Podcasts (but it’s available everywhere)

“Sources Swap” suggestions from Beth and Sarah

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