149: Teaching Children about Disability // Amy Webb of This Little Miggy

How do we teach our children about different types of bodies? How do we teach them not to stare or point at others who look different from them? How do we help them understand the difference between empathy and pity?

All of this and more is discussed in this week’s powerful episode with Amy Webb, an artist, writer, and special needs mother who advocates for the disability and special needs community through her interviews and writing on her blog and other platforms. She is the author of the award-winning children’s book When Charley Met Emma, and she just released a follow-up entitled Awesomely Emma this month!

Listen in as we discuss the nuance of teaching our children about the world and the varying types of people in it!

Three Takeaways for Teaching Children about Disability by Amy Webb

  1. Bring disability representation into your home, through media, books, and conversations. (A great place to start is with Amy’s books!)
  2. Teach your children that being different and having a disability is okay and NOT inherently sad. It’s important to teach our children not to pity others or make assumptions about their lives but to instead listen, learn, and empathize.
  3. Remember that “kindness” is not the goal, friendship and inclusion are the goal. Have open conversations with your children and other parents to figure out ways to modify the environment so kids with all types of abilities can build deep friendships.

Show Notes

Amy’s blog, This Little Miggy Stayed Home

Amy’s Instagram, @thislittlemiggy

Amy’s article on Cup of Jo: “Navigating a Special Needs Encounter

Amy’s books! When Charlie Met Emma and Awesomely Emma

Other Children’s Books that Represent Disability

**These links are affiliate links, which means that when you purchase, you support 3 in 30. Thank you!

Emmanuel’s Dream by Laurie Ann Thompson

All the Way to the Top by Annette Bay Pimentel

Hiya Moriah by Victoria Nelson

A Kids Book about Disabilities by Kristine Napper *Use the code 3IN30 for $5 off

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-A podcast I’ve been loving lately: Notes from the Backpack hosted by the National PTA. Their recent episode “Talking Race and Kid Lit” with author Kwame Alexander is exceptional.

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Which of these tips that Amy Webb shared did you find most helpful? Let me know in a comment below!

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