156: Flecks of Gold: The Key to Finding Joy as a Mother, even in Hard Times

My friends, today is the day! The Flecks of Gold journal is here, and I am frankly giddy with excitement because I know this journal will transform your outlook on motherhood and help you see the joy and beauty in your daily life. I want every single mother in the 3 in 30 community to have one, and I’m so excited that it is now available to purchase as a pre-order HERE. It will be delivered to you before Christmas so you can give it as gifts and be ready to start this new journaling habit for the new year.

A few years ago, I was asked to speak at an online conference for moms called the I Am Mom Summit. When I was contemplating a topic for my presentation, I decided to focus on the power of noticing and writing down beautiful moments as a mom, even in our toughest times.


For today’s episode, I am going to share my I Am Mom Summit presentation, which will give you insight into the concepts and gratitude practices at the heart of my new journal. I know that the takeaways will bless your life whether or not you purchase a journal!


  1. Use your five senses to absorb a perfect moment.
  2. Write down at least one perfect moment in each day, in order to relive it. Don’t forget to include sensory details!
  3. Share perfect moments with the people you love the most. Make it a ritual or a habit!

Show Notes

I Am Mom Summit

Flecks of Gold Journal

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Are you excited for the Flecks of Gold journal? What are some of your favorite tips for finding joy in motherhood? Let me know in a comment below!