158: Creating Golden Moments with Teenagers // Saren Eyre Loosli of Power of Families

Many people have asked me, “Is the Flecks of Gold Journal good for moms of older children and teenagers too?” YES! This journal is for any mom who wants to focus on the JOY in her daily and relationships, no matter how old her children are! Which is why I’m so excited to be talking with Saren Eyre Loosli today!

The “flecks” you write down will be very different if you have teenagers instead of toddlers, but those golden moments are still there. And especially if you are going through a bit of rocky time with your teenager, it might be all the more important to notice those Flecks of Gold…or as my guest, Saren Eyre Loosli, and I discuss in today’s episode, create them. 

Saren Eyre Loosli: Creating Golden Moments With Teenagers

You might recognize Saren’s name from other episodes of 3 in 30–that’s because she has been a mentor of mine for almost ten years and has deeply impacted my motherhood. Saren co-founded the website Power of Moms with April Perry, and I was a writer and editor there for many years before I started 3 in 30.

Saren is the one who gave me the advice that is at the heart of the Flecks of Gold journal and that I’ve mentioned on the show before, “In motherhood, the hard moments sometimes outnumber the beautiful moments; but the beautiful moments always outweigh the hard moments.”

Listen in for my discussion with her about how we can continue to focus on the beautiful moments in motherhood even as our children become teenagers!

Three Takeaways

  1. Continue to prioritize tuck-in time with your teenagers. This can be as simple as going in to give them a quick kiss and compliment at the end of the day.
  2. Respect and get excited about their abilities and interests. Let them coach and teach you for once, and it might lead to really beautiful moments of connection.
  3. Talk less, hug more. Let your teens feel their big emotions. Try not to lecture them or use to many words when they are upset…just give them a little physical connection which will hopefully lead to more emotional connection. 


Show Notes

Saren’s website: PowerofFamilies.com

Power of Families’ Instagram

Power of Families’ Podcast


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