160: 3 Tools for Growth for Middle School Girls (and their moms!) // Becky Fife, Katie Parker, Allie Callister

This past week, I took a walk down memory lane and revisited my middle school journal.

Let me just tell you…it’s something. I was texting my sisters screenshots of various dramatic entries and we got a good laugh. Every other day I had an angsty entry about my parents “not understanding me” or “being so mean”…with plenty of entries about friend-drama and gossip and my latest crush-of-the-week. I was so boy crazy, and I desperately wanted to be grown up. Things I think most middle school girls experience.

It’s all pretty humorous in retrospect, but it was so very real to me at the time, and I can see in the words of that 13-year-old girl the self-actualization that was just starting to grow. I was starting to figure out who I was, who I wanted to be, and how I wanted to fit into this big world. Of course it felt tumultuous to me! It was tumultuous, and that continues to be true for pre-teen girls today, perhaps even more so as they face added media pressure and technology that I didn’t have to deal with when I was their age.

Today on the podcast, I am honored to interview three rockstar women who are working to make the middle school years a bit easier for our girls. These ladies are the guiding forces behind this month’s podcast sponsor, I Believe In Me, a monthly membership that helps middle-school aged girls develop strong hearts and strong minds. 

In this episode, these ladies get to teach us–the moms–three tools that they teach the middle school girls that we ourselves probably need to continue working on. After listening, you can share these tools with your daughters AND you can try to remember and embody them in your own life. Because you know what? I am still that same 13-year-old girl who was writing in my journal all those years ago. I may be a few years older, but I am still trying to figure myself out, and I know the tools shared in today’s episode will be a great reminder for me. 

Three Takeaways for Growth for Middle School Girls:

1. Do Daily Soil Checks. When you take outside influences into your garden (social media, friendships, and fashion), ask yourself: How is my heart feeling? Will this help me grow, or will I wilt?

2. Embrace your Worms. The things in life that come up unexpectedly that you might think you don’t want in your garden are often what end up fertilizing and aerating your soil the most and making true growth possible. You won’t always love it in the moment, but if you keep pressing forward through your hardships, you will have richer soil and a more beautiful, varied garden as a result of those worms.

3. Establish Routines as your Roots. Your daily routines will keep you steady in the storms of life or when those worms come along.


-Show Notes-

I Believe in Me Instagram: @scibelieveinme

I Believe in Me website: Singer’s Company



I Believe In Me, an online membership program for middle school girls, ages 11-13, to help them build strong minds and strong hearts! 

As a parent, you purchase a monthly subscription for your daughter, and then she can log in each week to view the 15-20 minute lesson on an important life topic. 

Some episode topics include: what to do when your feelings get hurt, how to react to failure, developing good morning and evening routines, cultivating gratitude, fighting against negative self-talk and thoughts, developing study skills, and so much more. 

On top of these weekly 15-20 minute episodes about life skills, girls have access to a library of Bloom videos, which are 3-4 minute tutorials, on topics they might be interested in, such as fashion, beauty, healthy lifestyle, and holiday fun.

This would be a unique and incredibly meaningful holiday gift for your pre-teen daughter that will bless her with skills that will not only make her middle school experience more positive, but will enrich her social and emotional intelligence into adulthood.

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Are you currently raising or know any middle school girls? How are you helping them grow? Let me know in a comment below!

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