162: 3 Lessons Learned from a Year of No Shopping // Miranda Anderson of Live Free Creative

I live in a tiny town in Idaho where we have no mall, no Costco, and no Target, so last year in December, I decided to make the 2.5 hour drive to our closest big city, Boise, in order to do some Christmas shopping.

While I was there, I got some great gifts for loved ones…but the person that I ended up buying the most stuff for was myself. 

Before I started my drive back home from Boise, I sat in the parking lot of the mall and downloaded the audio version of my friend Miranda Anderson’s book. Her book is called More Than Enough, and I did already know a bit about the general premise of the book, but I remember reading the full description as it was downloading on my phone and literally laughing aloud at the irony of it. The book description says:

“As another year unfolded, lifestyle blogger and mom of three Miranda Anderson realized she felt weighed down by the mass of belongings her family had been accumulating.

In an effort to pare down and cultivate a deeper sense of gratitude and abundance in their lives, she and her husband decided to embark on a minimalism challenge, where they would stop all unnecessary shopping for one year.

‘Less Stuff, More Adventure’ became their mantra as they focused on gaining enriching family moments and seeking personal development. Life became about only choosing what truly matters and simply disregarding the rest.”

I remember looking up at the busy shopping mall in front of me, then at the pile of bags on the passenger seat, and thinking, “Well, I wish I would’ve listened to this book on my way to the mall instead of on my way home!”

Thankfully, Miranda’s book is not meant to shame anyone about their shopping habits and she totally understands the occasional splurge on yourself. Instead, the point of her book–and actually all of her work–is to help us to become more mindful about what we choose to bring into our lives–both physically through the stuff that we buy, but also emotionally, energetically, and mentally.

Miranda is a dear friend and mentor of mine, and she truly lives what she teaches about practical minimalism and abundance, and I am thrilled to have her back on 3 in 30 today.


-Three Takeaways From More Than Enough with Miranda Anderson-

Miranda based her three takeaways on the acronym LESS:

1. L = Look at your life with new eyes.

  • Our brains are wired to notice the new and novel, so when you stop adding constant input into your life, you might actually be able to see the beauty that is already in your life RIGHT NOW.

2. E = Experiment with things you already have before you rush to buy something new.

  • It’s often easier to consume than it is to create, but creativity just needs a little space to flourish.

3. SS = Say yes to what matters most to you, and Say no to everything else.

  • After you’ve defined what you want for your life, consciously CHOOSE it by saying no to opportunities that don’t align or fit.


-Show Notes-

Miranda Anderon’s Website: https://livefreecreative.co/

Miranda Anderson’s Instagram @livefreemiranda

Miranda Anderson’s Podcast, Live Free Creative

Miranda Anderson’s Book, More Than Enough

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