163: How to Achieve Any Goal // Jen Kane

It’s a new year, and many of us are probably thinking about goals and how we can achieve a total life makeover in 2021. Especially with 2020 being the tough year that it was in so many ways, I know that I am craving a fresh start and that deeper sense of control that I feel at the beginning of a new year. THIS will be the year that I become who I am meant to be!

But underneath that enthusiasm, there’s also that little pessimistic, some might argue realistic, voice saying, “You didn’t revolutionize your existence last year, and you’re probably not going to this year ever. You never actually achieve all of these new years goals…so why even bother?”

Today on the podcast, we have a special guest who is going to teach us how to achieve your goals in life, but her process may not be what you are expecting. Jen Kane is a life coach and business coach who is passionate about helping women go after their dreams and ambitions.

A defining moment for Jen was when her 4th baby was life-flighted for emergency surgery for an undiagnosed heart defect. She realized then that playing small doesn’t keep us safe and tomorrow isn’t promised and decided it was time to start living the life of her dreams, right now. In the process she became an expert at helping people get to the root cause of why they aren’t creating the results they want to see in their lives and helping them take action.

Jen has become a dear friend of mine via the internet in the past few years, and I am so excited to learn from her and share this conversation with all of you!


3 Takeaways for How to Achieve your Goals in Life

1. Know what a goal is and what it is not. A goal IS NOT something you can use to prove your worth or give you happiness. A goal IS an opportunity to focus your efforts, to try something you wouldn’t normally do, and to establish a time when you will stop and learn from yourself.


2. Decide that you’re going to achieve the goal and visualize it. Your success is inevitable as long as you keep going, and a really powerful way to reinforce that belief is to visualize yourself having already achieved the goal or write a letter to yourself from your future self explaining what life is like after your goal has been reached and all of the wisdom you learned along the way.


3. Start with what you believe about yourself instead of fixating on your specific action plan. Many different plans could get you to your goal, but until you get clear about what you are believing and thinking about yourself deep down, it will be hard to make any of those actions plans work.


Show Notes

  • Jen Kane’s Instagram, @heyjenkane
  • Get a free 55-minute consultation with Jen! Sign up here.
  • >>>Get a free worksheet to help you apply this episode here!<<<



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