175: Using Embarrassing Moments to Build Connection // Joanne Jarrett

With it being April Fools Day this week in the United States, I decided that I wanted to do an episode that is a little lighter–something with a little levity and laughter–and what better way to do that than laughing at the times that we’ve made fools of ourselves with an embarrassing mistake or mishap?

Today on the podcast, I have the delight of interviewing Joanne Jarrett, a former family physician turned stay-at-home mom, podcast host, and clothing designer. Joanne says she designed her line of  “‘street-legal pajamas’ so women can be comfy and confident at home or on a Ben and Jerry’s run even after we’ve had it with the bra for the day.”

Her podcast is called the “Fancy Free Podcast,” and each week she and her guests share their most embarrassing funny stories so we all feel less alone in our imperfection. Her tagline for the show is “No one is as fancy as they look!” and ain’t that the truth??

I am so excited to introduce you to Joanne Jarrett, who I know will make you feel so seen and uplifted through her joyful outlook on the embarrassing moments in life.


Joanne Jarrett’s 3 Takeaways for Using Embarrassing Moments to Build Connection:

  1. Embrace the importance of sharing your embarrassing stories with others. This type of vulnerability and openness doesn’t come easily to everyone, but when you remember why it’s so important, it might give you the courage you need. Remember that sharing our less-than-perfect moments helps people feel closer to us; it helps them feel less alone; and it brings laughter and connection.
  2. Keep a mental or actual list of embarrassing stories from your life. I started a note in my phone after recording this with Joanne, and she’s right that the more you allow yourself to revisit these awkward moments from the past, the more funny they become and more and more stories you start to remember. 
  3. Identify people or situations that would benefit from vulnerability and connection, and share a not-so-fancy moment with them. This could be as an icebreaker or game at a party or girls night, or it could be in a one-on-one conversation with someone who you can tell needs a laugh, or it could be when you see something embarrassing happen to someone and you know they are feeling silly. Put them at ease by sharing your own missteps, and you will feel closer as a result.

What did you take away from this conversation with Joanne Jarrett? Let us know in the comments below!

Show Notes

Joanne Jarret’s Podcast

Joanne Jarrett’s Instagram: @fancyfreepodcast

Joanne Jarrett’s Shoppe: https://shelfieshoppe.com/

   ^Use the code 3IN30 for 10% off!

Joanne Jarrett’s Blog: cozyclothesblog.com

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