184: Living Well with Depression & Anxiety // Jenny Showalter

This conversation with guest Jenny Showalter felt like a gift to my soul. I hope it gives you hope and strength and tools if you yourself are managing depression right now–and I hope it gives you empathy and perspective if you are someone who does not live with mental illness yourself.

Our guest Jenny is a mother of two who lives in Maryland. She loves creating cakes, taking long walks, reading, and crafting. She says she has struggled with anxiety her whole life and depression for a good part of her life, especially after developing postpartum depression, and she wants to share some of the ways she has learned to live well with depression. 


3 Takeaways for Living Well with Depression & Anxiety-


  1. Give yourself credit–for the little things you accomplish each day, for the extra load you carry in your backpack, and for every step you take towards getting help. Make a ta-da list and remember that even the smallest things count towards living well with depression.
  2. Write or talk it out. Mental illness can fill your brain with lies about your worth, so write out your thoughts to see if there is actually evidence to disprove them. 
  3. Embrace trial and error–because there’s a lot of it in a mental wellness journey! You may have to try more than one therapist, more than one course of treatment or medication, more than one friend to talk to about it, until you find the right can. 

>>>Will you try any of these tips about Living Well with Depression & Anxiety? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below!





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-Get in touch with Jenny Showalter!-

  • If you need support, you are welcome to email Jenny at hellojenny054@gmail.com
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