184: Living Well with Depression & Anxiety // Jenny Showalter

If you’re looking for depression and anxiety tips, this is for you. 

This conversation with guest Jenny Showalter felt like a gift to my soul. I hope it gives you hope, strength, and tools if you are managing depression and/or anxiety right now. If you’re not someone who struggles with mental illness, I hope it gives you empathy and perspective. 

Jenny is a mother of two who lives in Maryland. She loves creating cakes, taking long walks, reading, and crafting. She has struggled with anxiety her whole life and depression for a good part of her life, especially after developing postpartum depression. 

I’m truly grateful for Jenny’s willingness to share tools that have helped her learn to live well with depression and anxiety. 💛



3 Depression and Anxiety Tips to Help You Live Well with Mental Illness: 



1. Give yourself credit. 

Remember, struggling with a mental illness means you are carrying extra weight in your “backpack,” so every step you take each day is a big deal and worth celebrating. Consider Dr. Julie Hank’s advice to make a ta-da list of your accomplishments. Remember that even the smallest things count towards living well with depression and anxiety. 


2. Write or talk it out. 

Mental illness can fill your brain with lies about your worth or about your life. Write out your thoughts, or at least say them out loud, and then challenge yourself to see if there is actual evidence to disprove them. One way I like to do this is to write a letter to myself, and then to respond with another letter channeling someone who loves me, or who is my higher power. What would they say to my thoughts? Don’t forget the power of empathy as you work with your thoughts and worries and struggles! “Of course” is a powerful word! “Of course, I’m struggling. This makes sense.” or “Of course, this is difficult. This is a hard situation.” Acknowledge the realities you sit in, and find ways to not feel shame about them. It can also be helpful to share your thoughts with a loved one or a therapist. They can help you see things clearly when you’re struggling to do so yourself. 


3. Embrace trial and error.

When it comes to a mental wellness journey, there’s a lot of trial and error involved.  You may have to try more than one therapist or more than one course of treatment or medication. You may have to figure out through trial and error which friend can sit with you the way you need them to. Try not to get discouraged with this process. It’s normal. Keep trying. Keep reaching out. Keep going! It’s worth the effort! 


Don’t you feel hugged? 🥹If you’ve appreciated these depression and anxiety tips like I have, you will love the handouts that Jenny prepared for us! She includes self-care ideas and mantras that can help when things are especially difficult. 


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Depression and Anxiety Tips Infographic. 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms Podcast, Episode 184. Top Motherhood Podcast.







>>>Will you try any of these depression and anxiety tips from Jenny? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below!



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