186: Helping your Children Connect with Someone You’ve Loved & Lost //Dara Kurtz

My mother passed away from breast cancer when I was 19 years old, and every year on her birthday, I try to do something special to honor and remember her. Today, Monday June 14th, is my mom’s 66th birthday — so today’s podcast topic of remembering our loved ones who have passed away feels so special and timely to me. 

Whether or not you’ve lost a parent, you have probably lost someone in your life who was special to you–a grandparent, a child, a spouse, a sibling or even a treasured family friend. If you’re anything like me, you may feel a yearning to keep that loved one close and to introduce your children to them in ways that are meaningful and long-lasting. I think this episode will give you a few ideas to help your kids connect with someone you’ve lost. 

Guest, Dara Kurtz,and I talk about our passion for leaving a tangible legacy of love for our children, as well as making sure that our children feel connected to the loved ones who came before them. 


– 3 Takeaways for Helping your Kids Connect with Someone You’ve Lost-


  1. Create traditions around what they loved to do – You can do these traditions every year on their birthday or other meaningful holidays, but you should also be looking for ways to weave little traditions into your everyday life, such as singing your kids the same lullabies or playing the same bedtime games or using the same funny idioms. 
  2. Find your letters and write letters – we need to be deliberate about leaving them something tangible and handwritten behind, even if that means prioritizing the time to do that. We can also collect written letters and cards from loved ones for our kids to connect with someone you’ve lost.
  3. Use food and family recipes to create connection – Make your loved one’s favorite foods and talk about them. You can even name certain dishes after those loved ones and pass that name down for generations. 

>>>Will you try any of these tips about helping your kids connect with someone you’ve lost? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below!




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