188: How to Develop a Peaceful Routine with Kids // Felica Allen of Find the Magic Podcast

Summer is such a magical time with our families, but it can also be an exhausting time for many of us, and now that it’s the end of June and we are well into summer, many of us might be craving a more peaceful, structured daily routine. I hope today’s episode will be helpful!

I am thrilled to be interviewing Felica Allen, a mom of four and one of the founders of the Find the Magic Podcast, where she and her co-hosts explore how to be more peaceful, authentic, and joyful in parenting and personal development. Felica and I discuss some key ideas for developing a daily rhythm that nourishes us and blesses our families.


– 3 Takeaways for Implementing Peaceful Routines with Kids –


  1. Prepare your schedule. At least once a week, it’s important to look ahead and get a birds eye view of what is coming up for your family and what you’d like to accomplish over the next few days. And include some margin so that you can focus on relationships instead of rushing.
  2. Build in “you time.” This is important to schedule as well, or it just won’t happen. Whatever time works best for you, carve out pockets of peace throughout your day. Plan for them and protect them.
  3. Coexist with your children instead of feeling pressured to entertain them all the time. Give them meaningful work to do to contribute to the family, allow them to get bored and therefore get creative, and involve them where you can in your tasks for work, for homecare, and for hobbies.

>>>Are these tips about peaceful routines with kids helpful? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




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