193: How to Cultivate an Adventure Mindset as a Family // Chamaine Wollenzein

Are you an adventuring family or a stay-at-home-and-get-stuff-done family? I sometimes fall into the latter category (I love my to-do lists!), but whenever I muster up the energy to take my children on an adventure, I never regret it. We seem to grow closer to each other and make more lasting memories when we discover the world together.

On today’s episode, Chamaine Wallenzein, the founder of Wandering Families and a mother of five children, gives us practical tips and tricks for how and why to adventure with our families.

And if you’re not a hiker or camper, don’t worry–this episode is still for you! Chamaine and I discuss how an adventure is any type of shared experience that is out of the ordinary–and you can totally tailor that according to your family culture!

Listen in to this wise and spunky mama, and be inspired to build in more opportunities for connection and memories with your family!


– 3 Takeaways for Cultivating an Adventure Mindset –

  1. Create opportunities to learn how to be adventurous. Start with small adventures close to home to build up your kids’ (and your!) confidence. Let your kids take physical risks such as climbing and exploring. As you start to adventure together, you will get better and better at it. 
  2. Create a family culture of adventure. Figure out what you love to do together and make that part of your adventures, regardless of whether or not those experiences occur outdoors. 
  3. Create a seasonal bucket list. Brainstorm with your kids, get some adventures on the calendar, and, perhaps most importantly, do some research before you go so it will be a good experience for everyone! You can use Google, Pinterest, Instagram hashtags, and even Direct Message strangers to ask more about family opportunities and adventures.

>>>Are these tips about having an adventure mindset helpful? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.



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