197: How to Advocate for Your Child in School // Emily Orchard

“At some point, all of our children need us to be their voice…”

This is a direct quote that I received in an email from Emily Orchard, a listener of this podcast who is a mother of four and a Speech Language Pathologist. As she’s worked as an SLP in the schools for the past 16 years, she has become passionate about teaching parents how to advocate for their kids. This topic became especially meaningful to her when she found that her own son needed some additional support and advocacy.

Don’t miss this incredibly useful episode, which will help you to feel prepared for the next opportunity you have to speak up on your child’s behalf.



– 3 Takeaways to Advocate for your Child in School –

  1. Know your purpose in the moment, as a mom, and in the meeting. Stay focused on your purpose so you don’t overwhelm yourself or anyone else in the meeting with information and emotion.
  2. Lead with love. Assume the best of the people you’re working with in order to help your child, and start your advocacy by reaching out for understanding and partnership.
  3. Use a growth mindset in the way that you advocate and talk about your children. Use phrases like, “He is still learning how to navigate unstructured situations with peers” instead of saying “He can’t.”


>>>Are these tips about how to advocate for your child in school helpful? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.



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