205: How to Coach Yourself through Big Emotions // Georgia Anderson

In this episode, one of my favorite mentors and dear friends, Georgia Anderson, returns to the podcast to teach us how to coach ourselves through our big emotions in order to become  emotionally literate and emotionally agile.


Georgia has spent her life observing, serving and developing people as a mother, choreographer, relationship educator, massage therapist and leadership coach. She is a professionally certified Presence Based® Coach and a Gottman-trained Relationship Educator, and she is someone that I turn to often for insight into my own emotions and experiences.


– 3 Takeaways to Coach Yourself Through Emotions  –

  • Slow to Know. You do this by recognizing the way that your body physically reacts when it is experiencing an emotion. It’s also important to notice the habits you’ve developed throughout your life to manage stress and reflect on whether or not you want to continue those patterns.
  • Show and Grow. Once you’ve slowed down and become aware of your habits, you can choose to SHOW up differently and create space to GROW.
  • Flow and Glow. As you get into the flow of noticing your emotions and speaking your truth, it becomes easier. You will start to glow–or in other words, truly know your self and worth

>>>Are these tips about coaching yourself through big emotions helpful? What would you add to her takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




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