209: 3 Unexpected Blessings of Focusing on Gratitude

It has been one year since I launched the Flecks of Gold Journal out into the world.


It is absolutely thrilling to know that thousands of women all over the globe are now  using it to find more daily joy and gratitude in their motherhood.


Over the past year, I have noticed that the daily practice of gratitude when I write down my flecks of gold has brought many unexpected blessings. I am excited to share those with you today as well as how the focusing on gratitude has blessed fellow listeners.

– 3 Blessings of Focus on Gratitude

  • You become more aware of your blessings in-the-moment.
  • You build a family culture of gratitude and adoration.
  • You prove yourself wrong on the negative stories you’re telling yourself.


>>>Are these tips about why to focus on gratitude helpful? What would you add to these takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




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