219: Life Skills for Tweens // Becky Fife, Katie Parker, Allie Callister

I am honored to re-air this encore episode with three rockstar women who are working to make the middle school years a bit easier for our tweens. These ladies are the creators of one of this week’s podcast sponsors, I Believe In Me, a monthly membership program that helps middle-school aged girls gain the confidence they need to grow and thrive.


In this episode, these ladies teach us–the moms!–three tools that they teach the middle school girls in their program that we ourselves probably need to continue working on. After listening, you can share these tools with your tweens AND you can try to remember and embody them in your own life.

– 3 Takeaways for Life Skills for Tweens-


  1. Do Daily Soil Checks. This is where you check in on your mind and your heart, the soil where everything in your life grows. Are the things that you are letting in to your garden enriching your soil? Or are they making you feel wilty inside? You can do a little soil check with your social media use, your friendships, your media intake, and so much more.
  2. Embrace your Worms. The things in life that come up unexpectedly that you might think you don’t want in your garden–the hard stuff–is often what ends up fertilizing and aerating your soil the most and making true growth possible. You won’t always love it in the moment, but if you keep pressing forward through your hardships, you will have richer soil and a more beautiful, varied garden as a result of those worms.
  3. Establish Routines As Your Roots. Your daily routines will keep you steady in the storms of life or when those worms come along. It’s worth it to invest a bit of time writing down what your current routines are (because even if they aren’t conscious, you have them) and then writing down and experimenting with routines that might serve you better. Celebrate every tiny win along the way, and don’t give up when you realize you need to recalibrate a little.


>>>Are these tips about life skills for tweens helpful? What would you add to their takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




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