221: Making your Marriage a Priority, Even in the Busiest Seasons // Rachel Fordham

When you first fell in love with your partner, it was easy to prioritize him/her every day. He/she was the first thing you thought about when you woke up in the morning. You exchanged texts all day, checking in to share your victories and frustrations. You imagined a beautiful future of babies, romance, and building a life together.


Now that you’re a mom, the reality of what your marriage looks like day-to-day may feel very different.


You still love your spouse, but you are both so busy with your careers, the kids, and the chaos of daily life that it’s easy to start to feel disconnected. If this sounds familiar, this episode with author Rachel Fordham is for you.


Rachel is a mother of six biological children and a foster mother to children who enter her home for however long they need. In the midst of caring for her big family, Rachel has published five historical romance novels.


Rachel shares her life with her husband Tyler, who she calls her best friend.  In this episode she gives us some takeaways for HOW to live a beautiful love story every day, even when you are really busy.





1) Choose to prioritize your marriage. This will have to be conscious because life is busy and there will always be a million things pulling at your attention. In the season of life that you are in, what can you shift to make room for what matters most to you? What might you say no to because you care about your spouse more? Could you use a daily habit tracker to remind you to serve and connect with your spouse?


2) Remember that love isn’t always butterflies and roses, and that’s okay. This week, I encourage you to look for the ways that your partner is showing you love in this current season of your life. Instead of focusing on what love “should be,” focus on what love actually is for your marriage in this season of life.


3) Connect to your partner in small ways, every day. This might look like involving each other in your work or at least talking to each other about it. It might look like doing the busy things of life side-by-side instead of always dividing and conquering. Or it might look like taking the time to write them a quick note in a love journal or on a sticky note on the mirror, just as a reminder that you love them.


>>>Are these tips from Rachel Fordham helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.








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