229: How to Use Your Phone to Capture Beautiful Moments with Your Kids // Kiera Liu

As moms, these cell phones we carry around in our pockets can get a very bad rap. You’ve heard me talk on the podcast multiple times about how my phone can distract me from my family and how it’s actually my only goal for 2022 to use my phone less. But in today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about one of the ways that our phones can  be a huge blessing within our motherhood: namely that they are an easy and accessible camera that helps us to capture the beautiful moments we share with our kids.

My guest today is Kiera Liu, a family and branding photographer, mama of two, and Chief Memorykeeper and Storyteller for her company, Frame of Life.

Kiera founded Frame of Life to bring together her experience as a family photographer, combined with her 5 years as a real life mama in the trenches, to share simple and actionable tips to start preserving and creating more memories for families. I know you are going to love the actionable tips in the episode for how we can use our phones with intention and purpose to capture beautiful moments with our kids.




3 Takeaways for capturing beautiful moments with kids:

Remember the acronym KEY:

1) Keep it simple by defining your “why.” Why is it important to you to take photos of and with your kids? It’s most likely because you want a record of your life with them, which means that the photos don’t have to be perfect, and you don’t need a fancy camera. Just use your phone and start capturing the precious moments that are happening all around you.


2) Execute a Plan. Think through which moments from your family life are likely to change as your children grow or the seasons of the year change, and make a plan to capture the everyday, seemingly mundane memories you share. This might include using a self-timer so you can get in the photo or accessing footage from your baby monitor. You can also look back and review your photos at the end of the day as a gratitude or reflection practice, as well as the opportunity to erase duplicates and junky photos from your camera roll.


3) Schedule time for yearly maintenance of your photos. That will include looking ahead and planning for the highlight experiences of your year that you’re going to want to document, as well as backing up and printing some of your best photos from the previous year.


>>>Are these tips about capturing beautiful moments with kids helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.





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