230: 3 Simple Steps to Organize Your Photos // Miss Freddy

If you’re anything like me, the photos on your phone are, excuse my strong language, a freaking mess.


Some of our family’s memories are captured on my phone, some are captured on my husband’s phone- and, come to think of it, some are captured on my sister-in-law’s phone because I didn’t have my phone handy at that holiday gathering. And did I ever get those from her?


When was the last time I printed any photos? When was the last time I made a photo album of any kind?


I have about 55,000 screenshots of different products, recipes, book recommendations, and insights from articles that I didn’t want to forget about…but then I promptly forgot about because they got buried in the mass of images in my phone, and I never looked at them again.


If this sounds familiar to you, you are going to love today’s interview with Casey von Stein, also known as Miss Freddy, a certified Professional Photo Organizer in Golden, Colorado.


After 10 years as a professional photographer, Casey says she realized that what people really need is HELP organizing and enjoying their photos. Through her website, Miss Freddy, she offers remote organizing services for clients worldwide where she will do the organizing for you, as well as self-paced online courses for those who want to tackle their photo mess on their own.


In today’s episode, Miss Freddy is going to be sharing three takeaways to get us started on our photo organization journey.





1) Focus on what matters most, which is NOT deleting junky photos from your phone. When you have an hour or two to work on your photos, use that time to make forward progress on a photo project you’re excited about- maybe an album or frames to display in your home; or use that hour to start getting your photos organized using Casey’s method.


2) Gather your photos into ONE place. Make a list of everywhere you have photos- various digital places like DropBox, iPhoto, and Google photos- as well as physical places, such as your old laptop, your phone, your partner’s phone and more. Purchase a 2T external hard drive and get all of those photos onto this hard drive. Once they are all in one place, you can use software to organize them into years and months and to erase duplicates with the click of a button.


3) Choose a backup service. Remember, iCloud is not a backup. Casey recommends using DropBox or Amazon Photos (which is free with a Prime membership) to make a copy of your entire photo library to keep safe, as well as to make it easy to browse and find photos you need from anywhere you are, at any time.


>>>Are these tips from Miss Freddy helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.





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