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As we are heading into May, are you starting to think about what activities and bucket list items you want to do with your children this summer? I know I am, and we are going to have a series of episodes over the coming weeks that I hope will help you with that.

The topic for today's episode is one that you might not automatically think of as a summer topic--how to help your child love reading. But truthfully, summer is an ideal time to take the pressure off of reading and just make it FUN for your kids, and you'll get so many tips for how to do that in today's encore episode with Janssen Bradshaw, which was originally recorded in the summer of 2020.

Janssen Bradshaw  is a former elementary school librarian with a master's degree in library and information studies. She now stays home with her four daughters and runs the blog Everyday Reading, which helps parents make reading an enjoyable, simple part of their family.




3 Takeaways from Janssen Bradshaw

1) Pick books that are fun for you to read with your kids. If you enjoy the books, you'll make more time for family reading and that will be a better experience for everyone.

2) Don't be afraid to let your child quit a book. Some books just aren't the right fit or your child might be the wrong age. Let them keep trying different genres until they find something that really clicks and ask for advice from a librarian or seek out book lists that might help.

3) Let your kids move while you read to them. Believe it or not, research actually shows that many children learn better this way. Their mind can focus when their hands are occupied, so let them walk around or play with Legos or color while you read.


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