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Are you wondering how to stay sane this summer

Summer is almost here! For some of us, that might bring a thrill of excitement. For others, it might bring a shiver of fear. 

Or, if you’re like me, it’s a mixture of both. 

I love spending time with my kids! Aaaand… sometimes those summer days can get really long. 

Can you relate? 🫠

If you’re apprehensive about how you’ll stay sane this summer, I’m really excited to share tips from the wonderful Jamie Cook. She is a fountain of genuinely brilliant hacks and practical tips to make mom life more manageable and meaningful. You are going to love learning from her!  

By way of introduction, Jamie is the founder of the Instagram accounts Wander and Scout and 8 Minute Classes. She is also a mom of four kids. She has an adventurous spirit and is always looking to add a bit of magic to the normal routine. 

Let’s dive into her awesome takeaways! 


Jamie Cook’s Takeaways on How to Stay Sane this Summer:


1. Get up and get dressed first thing in the morning. 

This seems like a small thing, but it makes a big difference. First of all, it helps set the tone for the day. When we (moms included!) are up, dressed, and ready to go, we are prepared to get out the door more easily for whatever adventures, chores, fun, or work the day may bring. 

Also, have you noticed our kids behave better when they’re dressed and ready? I know I have! It could be that I have an easier time being patient when my kids look cute (I can’t believe I’m admitting that, but it’s true!), or maybe it’s that my kids have a sense of self-respect. But whatever the reason, there is definitely a different feeling in our home when everyone wakes up and gets ready. 



2. Troubleshoot before summer starts and identify some of the areas that make summer difficult for you. 

I love this proactive takeaway! Jamie shares that she feels overwhelmed at the thought of feeding everyone all day, every day. (Me too, Jamie!) To help ease the overwhelm, she created a snack shack and labeled water bottles that are easy to access for her kids. I love this idea! 

Another suggestion Jamie gives to help you stay sane this summer is troubleshooting the overwhelm of never getting a break during those long summer days. To counter this, Jamie schedules a consistent babysitter to come. This way, she knows she’s going to get a break! If hiring a babysitter isn’t a financial option for you, you could also do a scheduled swap with a friend. Get creative and find ways to help yourself in those areas that bring stress! 

Troubleshooting takes some initial planning, which can be a bit overwhelming, but it’s a gift that you’re giving your future self. It will pay dividends towards your future sanity! 

Also, don’t forget to stop and do this troubleshooting exercise mid-summer when you need a reboot. Give yourself to mix things up if that’s what you need! 



3. Figure out a loose rhythm that works well for your family. 

Some people like to have a schedule and sign up for summer camps for their children, while others thrive on having less structured time to be open and ready for adventures throughout the week. Whatever your preference, figure out a basic flow for your days so that you and the kids know what to expect.

It’s great to focus on a daily rhythm – when to do chores, when to do screens, etc. It’s also great to look at an overall summer rhythm. I love Jamie’s idea to create a summer bucket list! It’s a fun way to have flexibility mixed with scheduled ideas. 

Remember, whatever fits your personality and your family’s needs is the perfect way! You don’t need to be like any other family. The purpose of this loose rhythm is that it works for you, not for your neighbor. 😉



Are you feeling more prepared for the summer? I know I am! Here’s to our sanity as we enjoy our summer adventures! 


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3 in 30 Podcast with Rachel Nielson, Featuring Jamie Cook on How to Stay Sane this Summer



>>>Did these takeaways from Jamie on how to stay sane this summer feel helpful? What tools do you use to help with the summer crazies? Share below! 



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By way of introduction, Jamie is the founder of the Instagram accounts Wander and Scout and 8 MinuteClasses. She is also a mom of four kids. She has an adventurous spirit and is always looking to add a bit of magic to the normal routine. 


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