237: Our Best Hacks for Summer! A Crowdsourced Episode from the 3 in 30 Community

It’s such an adjustment finding a new rhythm when summer starts, and that’s why I’m so excited for this crowdsourced episode today where we get to learn from YOU, the listeners of 3 in 30. In this episode, you will hear ideas, tricks, and hacks from moms just like you, from all over the world, about how they manage summer with their children.

One of the most important things that I have learned in my years of mothering is that there is not “one right way” to mother. One of the early episodes of my show is with a dear friend, Julie Bastedo, about how to be the mom you ARE, instead of the mom you think you should be. That interview really helped set the tone for leaning into and celebrating our strengths as moms.

I hope you can take away from this episode that we are all figuring it out and trying our best to lean into our strengths as moms and have FUN with our children when we can. Take what works for you in this episode and leave what doesn’t.

Here are summer hacks for moms from some of the fabulous women in the 3 in 30 community!




1) Rachel // Utilize kids’ podcasts when you are in the car. (Some of our favorites are linked below!)

2) Ashley // For quiet time, she lets her son choose something he’s interested in to print as a coloring page. Next she’s going to try helping her son mail the coloring pages to a loved one!

3) Brooke // Created a “Summer Skills” program– a list of small skills she would like her kids to learn before they move out of the house. Examples: taking the trash cans out and back without being asked, or sewing on a button.

4) Geneva // Get creative with helping teens earn money in the summer. Some ideas are to hold summer camps for kids in the neighborhood. It gives them practice planning ahead, adjusting when things don’t go as planned, and talking with parents.

5) Jaime // Use the summer to build the life that you want and not to escape the life that you have. Do this by finding the joy in wherever you live and finding the local gems.

6) Janelle // The biggest lesson she has learned traveling abroad with kids is to not try to “do it all.”  Just do a few things a day and schedule some serious down time. A family trip overseas is half laid back vacation and half education.

7) Lacey // Pack a lunch after breakfast, go to the closest creek, river, or lake, and spend all day there. (Don’t forget an extra set of clothes for kids who get wet!)

8) Megan // Road trip success: Utilize the dollar store for prep, leave early in the morning, and establish simple structures for sanity in the car.

9) Paige // She packs a ziplock bag of balloons instead of her kids’ favorite toys when going on vacation. You pop them when you leave, and no toys get lost!

10) Chelsea // She made Bingo Boards for each of her children that included chores, age-appropriate skills to learn, visiting a museum, calling a grandparent, and more. Then she chose fun ideas her family would like for Bingo and blackout prizes.


>>>Are these mom hacks for summer helpful? What would you add? Tell us in the comments below.




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