239: 3 Spaces to Organize for the Most Summer Fun // Jen Martin

Home organization needs change each season. Right now in our home it’s more scooters and bikes in the garage, more swimsuits and towels in the house, and time spent adventuring in the car. It’s time to get some good systems back in place in our home, and honestly, summer is a great time to do some organizing because we have more free time as a family. If you’re also feeling ready to do a summer reset, you are going to get so many great ideas from today’s episode.

Our guest is Jen Martin, who is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a luxury home organizing business based out of Utah. She started Reset Your Nest in 2020 right before the onset of Covid. In just 2 years it has grown to a large team of organizers. Jen has always had a passion for design and organization and has loved seeing how creating beautiful and calming spaces for families truly changes lives. I’m so grateful to Jen for coming on 3 in 30 to talk about three spaces to organize in order to maximize summer fun with our families.




  1. Be prepared with car organization. Do you often need hair stuff for your kids? Utensils or napkins? Scissors? A change of clothes for everyone in case people get wet unexpectedly? Include your children in this brainstorming session, so they recognize the work it takes to be prepared.
  2. Identify pain points and create customized systems in your garage to make life easier in this specific season. Identify what is the most important use of your garage right now, for the summer, (maybe it’s bikes, scooters, tools, or camping gear?) and find a way to downsize or relocate the rest.
  3. Get your kids involved in creating systems for their spaces. When kids have a say instead of imposing a system on them, they are much more likely to maintain that system, and remember that sometimes you will have to try a couple of different systems to figure out what works.


>>>Are these tips about spaces to organize helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




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