244: How to Pursue Fulfilling Work Outside the 9-5 // Kim Rittberg

Women have so many options when it comes to earning money and raising children. It used to be that moms really only had two options: to stay home full-time or to work outside the home full-time. But in our modern world, women often have many different options than that, depending on their family situations and their desires.

Our guest today is Kim Rittberg, business owner and host of the Mom’s Exit Interview Podcast, which aims to inspire and educate moms seeking fulfillment outside the traditional 9-5. In the episode, Kim shares her story of leaving her 15-year career in TV news and digital for companies like Fox, Netflix, PopSugar, and US Weekly, to now running her own content strategy company with hours that work for her family.

Do you have dreams of earning an income but have imposter syndrome and wonder if you are even qualified? Are you worried about what your husband, friends, or family might say? Do you currently work full time and want to transition outside of a 9-5 job but have no idea how that would actually happen? I know that whatever your work journey looks like right now, you are going to love learning from Kim.




1. As you decide how you want to work, identify your priorities. What do you actually want- is it to have more time and flexibility to be with your kids? Maybe you’re transitioning from being home full-time and want to earn extra income on top of your partner’s full-time salary.

2. Think about your skills and how they could be used to serve others, including paying clients or customers. This may require a reframe of thinking about your skills–not just what what you ‘have done’ but what are the underlying skills and traits you have outside four walls of an office that are of value?

3. Take your work idea seriously, and go for it. Get brave and start telling people you know about your business plan. Network within your local community. More often than not, people want to support you and connect you with the right people.


>>>Are these tips from Kim Rittberg helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.





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