245: You’re Exactly Where You Need to Be // Alison Faulkner

Today’s episode is with my dear friend Alison Faulkner, all about her new book called You’re Already Awesome!  By way of background, Alison Faulkner is a branding and events expert, host of the podcast Awesome with Alison, consultant for Fortune 500 companies, writer, speaker, self-proclaimed nonsense dancer, and CEO of Alison’s Brand School. Alison is obsessed with her kids, husband, family, and friends.

I am grateful to be one of those friends who has known Alison for several years and witnessed her “nonsense dancing” up close and personal. I can’t wait for you to hear my discussion with her!


3 Takeaways from Alison Faulkner

1) Remember to TAP. That stands for Tune In, Accept, and Pick your Focus. When you start to feel frenzied, upset, jealous, or fearful about the place where you currently are, pause and tune in to your body and soul. Stop looking outward and turn in. What am I feeling right now, physically and emotionally? Once you are clear on that, try to Accept it. Say it out loud without shaming or shoulding yourself. Try to truly accept the feeling instead of telling yourself that you should feel differently. Once you have done that, pick your focus…what are you going to focus on today–or in this next minute or next hour to help you stay in self-compassion instead of self-loathing?

2) Practice believing that you are exactly where you need to be in the small moments. This might be in a long line at the grocery store, or stuck in traffic, or while playing a board game with your child. The more you practice this belief, the more authentic it will feel to you when you are in the middle of big challenges, such as health, financial, or relationship crises.

3) Reassign where you find your sense of value and worth. We have to move away from believing that what we produce and give to others is what makes us valuable. Because sometimes we are faced with situations in life where we literally can’t produce or give to others, and then where does our self-worth come from? Notice when you are valuing yourself for your productivity and the things you do, instead of for your innate awesomeness.


>>Are these tips from Alison Faulkner helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.



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