246: How to Encourage Creativity in Kids // Noah Nielson

My son Noah is a creator. He spends hours every day building with LEGO, and if he ever finds a big empty box, it will surely become a fabulous creation within the day. He disappears into the garage, and I walk out a few hours later to a flurry of mess and mayhem, and I find an amazing invention.

I am obsessed with this boy’s brain and his creativity, and I am so excited that today, to celebrate his 11th birthday, we get to hear from him on the podcast. When I asked him if was interested in being on the show, he responded without hesitation, “Of course I would! It would be an honor!”

He is confident, funny, and a natural born leader, and I know you are going to get a kick out of his personality in this episode, as he teaches us how to encourage creativity in kids. I love him, and I can’t wait for you to learn from him.



1) Give your child access to inspiration. Let them see videos, read books or listen to podcasts about the topics that interest them–battles, vehicles, animals, whatever. As they see that real-world inspiration, they will be more excited to go and create their own versions.

2) Give your child access to materials. This means letting them use empty boxes, water bottles, markers, paper, glue guns, duct tape and more to explore their ideas and get messy. It does drive me crazy when our house is littered with literal garbage for a few days while they enjoy their creation, but it’s worth it in order for them to get to truly feel the fun of creating.

3) Give your child access to space. This can refer to actual physical space–such as pulling your cars out of the garage so they have a large area to build or giving them permission to use the entire basement–and it can also refer to giving them emotional space, by making sure their schedule isn’t too packed with organized activities and making sure they have quiet independent time when they aren’t being entertained by you or watching a screen. Let them be bored! Let them be independent! A child needs physical space and permission to use it  AND emotional space in order to create.

>>Are these tips from Noah helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “246: How to Encourage Creativity in Kids // Noah Nielson”

  1. Love Noah’s raw and realness! My kids aren’t completely to the age where they can do creative play by themselves (2 and 4) and our living space doesn’t totally accommodate some of his suggestions, but I really appreciated how it sparked my creativity so I can find other ways to implement the suggestions. Thanks Rachel and Noah!!

  2. I loved hearing from your son! He has such great ideas for encouraging creativity in our kids! Thanks for sharing him with us on this episode. It was delightful!

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