253: The Nine Pillars of Self-Assured Motherhood


If you’ve been listening to my show for the past couple of months, you know that I am in the middle of launching the second round of my nine-month program which is called Self-Assured Motherhood or SAM for short. This program only opens once a year, and I don’t want any moms who need it to miss out on hearing about it and have to wait another entire year before they can sign up, so I am doing my best to get to word out to as many women as possible while enrollment is open.


Enrollment closes this Friday, September 23rd, so I’m hopeful that today’s episode will give you the push you need to sign up if you’ve been on the fence, or if you’ve just been curious about what the program is all about. 

The nine-month program is built around nine pillars of Self-Assured Motherhood (we study one per month), and today you are going to get a taste of each of those pillars through the stories of some of the alumni of my program.

I did little mini-interviews with these women and asked them to share one personal experience from their life that illustrates how they are embodying one of the core principles of self-assured motherhood. Their stories are phenomenal and touching and relatable, and I’m going to let them do most of the talking, with brief interjections from me. 



The nine pillars of becoming a Self-Assured Mom are:
  1. Voice Your Values
  2. Celebrate Your Strengths
  3. Study Your Story
  4. Bolster Your Boundaries
  5. Sanctify Your Soul-Care
  6. Pursue Your Purpose
  7. Gather the Good
  8. Communicate for Connection
  9. Support their Struggles

>>>Are these pillars of Self-Assured Motherhood helpful?  What would you add? Tell us in the comments below.


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