257: (5 ways, 5 days giveaway!) Happy 5th Birthday, 3 in 30!

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Today marks five years since I hit publish on the first episode of 3 in 30, and it feels like a big milestone. 5 years, 257 episodes, over 128 HOURS of 3 in 30 in the archives, downloaded by almost 6 million moms from all over the world. Wow! The podcast has grown so much in the last five years and so have I – as a mother, a woman, a podcast host, and a business owner.  I feel unbelievably grateful and nostalgic as I honor this 5-year milestone.

People keep asking me if I’m running out of ideas of topics to cover and guests to interview, and the answer is NO…not at all! I think this is just the beginning for 3 in 30; there’s still so much to learn.

But before I get carried away thinking about the future, I want to take the time to really pause and celebrate the past and how far we’ve come – which is why I am so excited to be doing a special series on the podcast this week just to celebrate the 5th birthday of the show.

This week, instead of getting the usual one episode of 3 in 30 aired on Monday, you will be getting five episodes…one each week day, Monday – Friday. But before you get overwhelmed, let me assure you, these episodes will be short and impactful. I’ve gone into the archives and pulled out five of my all-time favorite episodes and then chosen just one takeaway from each to air as a mini-episode for you each day. In each episode, I will also be including a different way to enter to win $500 by sharing 3 in 30 as part of the 5th birthday! Yes, that includes today’s episode, so stay tuned all the way to the end to hear how you can enter to win $500 this week.


Spread the word about the show AND enter to win the $500 giveaway!

  • Post about your favorite 3 in 30 episode in a Facebook group for moms that you’re a part of or even just on your public Facebook page if you aren’t part of any groups. 
  • Go to 3in30podcast.com/five and fill out the form to enter the giveaway. We would love to see a screenshot of what you shared.
  • If you’re not on Facebook, don’t worry, tomorrow’s way to enter will be social media free!


  • Cozy Earth: Use code 3in30 to get 35% off SITE WIDE 
  • LUS Brands: use code 3in30 to get 15% off your first purchase of $50 or more
  • BetterHelp: 10% off your first month

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