261: How to Lighten your Mental Load // Felicia Kashevaroff & Aileen Kelly of Tend Task

For today’s episode, I am re-airing my interview with Felicia Kashevaroff and Aileen Kelly, the co-founders and best friends who created Tend Task. This episode originally aired in early 2021, so you will hear some references to the pandemic-and a lot has changed for Tend Task since then that I am excited to update you about. I can’t wait for these women to tell you more about their brilliant app, and a three-step process you can start today if you’d like, in order to lighten your mental load.




  1. Track what you do every day. Write down everything you do and how long it took so you can get a concrete idea of where you’re spending your time and how much you’re actually getting done each day, even when it feels like you’re getting nothing done each day.
  2. Assess your data. Go over your “got-done” list and mark next to each task whether it filled your tank or drained it. If you’re finding your day is 80% draining and 20% fulfilling, that could be a good place to start thinking about how you’re spending your days and how you can rework. 
  3. Delete or delegate tasks that are adding too much weight to your mental load.  Essential to this step will be having a conversation with your partner, if you have one, to find out what they can take on or what you can choose to cut out completely. Remember, you’re on the same team, and the work that needs to be tackled is the enemy. 


To help you navigate this conversation, Tend has a new couples coaching program, and remember that you can enter to win a free coaching package by going to tendtask.com/3in30


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