262: 3 Ways to Recover from Mom Burnout



For today’s episode, we’re addressing the all-too-common “Mom Burnout.”  Do you ever feel the overwhelm, the exhaustion, the feeling of having too little time and resources and support to do all you need to do?  How do you get past this feeling? How do you find joy in your motherhood and feel more connected to our children? I was honored to speak at this year’s Pinners’ conference on this topic.  While the workshop at Pinner’s was a full hour, today’s episode is an abbreviated version of that class.  I can’t wait to share concrete ways YOU can recover from Mom-Burnout.  





  1. Calm your Body: Complete the Stress Cycle. You need a way to move your physical body to signal to your brain that you are safe.  Run, do yoga, dance, do jumping jacks, laugh, cry, anything.  Brainstorm ways you can complete this stress cycle so you have a list when you’re in the thick of it.
  2. Calm your Spirit: Lean into the motherhood activities you actually enjoy. Rather than run away, try leaning in.  What activities do you enjoy doing WITH your children?  Your children are NOT the lion.  You do enjoy these people.  Find ways to invest into this relationship.  Brainstorm things that help you feel more connected.
  3. Calm Your Brain: Record your “Flecks of Gold”.  Retrain your brain to see what is going WELL in your life and in your motherhood. Take time to notice the golden moments in your day.  Give them weight by writing them down each day.  Soak them in and relive them.  Try it out! Each day this week, record one Fleck of Gold and see if it doesn’t help you see and relish those golden moments as they’re happening.


>>>Are these tips on How to Recover from Mom Burnout helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




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