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My guest today is talking to us all about how Reflecting on the Year Can Strengthen Your Family. Vanessa Quigley is a renowned memory expert and mother of seven. In 2014, Vanessa co-founded Chatbooks to make it easier for families to organize and enjoy their family stories through easy-to-make, beautiful photo books.

Vanessa’s aha moment came when she found her youngest son clutching his most prized possession: a photo album his preschool teacher made for him. Vanessa knew that she needed to figure out an easy way to get the precious family photos off of her phone and into her children’s hands, so they could re-live the memories and have a tangible reminder of their family’s love. Now millions of parents have printed their family memories with the Chatbooks app.


Vanessa was named Ernst and Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year in 2017, authored DIY advice book Real Moms, Real Hacks, and hosts The MomForce Podcast, which is in the top 3% of parenting podcasts nationwide. In 2021, Chatbooks was named the #1 place to work for women in the United States, by Fortune magazine.


Vanessa is a true rockstar-a mom and business owner whom I try to emulate. This is actually her second appearance on 3 in 30, and it’s an honor to have her back today to give us some concrete ideas for how to make the new year a memorable milestone with our families. 





1) Host a “Remember When” celebration. Share questions ahead of time for your family to be thinking of and then come to dinner with 5-7 things written down to share highs and lows and reflect on the past year. Auld Lang Syne, “for the sake of old times”.

2) Decide on a family theme for the new year and reflect on the theme from the previous year.

3) Create a photo book with memories from the year. Fill it with accomplishments, setbacks, highlights, and everyday moments. Looking at photos produces a flood of endorphins to override the exhaustion and end-of-year blues. Plus, the book will be a treasure for years to come. PRO-TIP: have your older kids submit photos from their camera roll too!


>>>Are these tips on reflecting from Vanessa Quigley helpful? What would you add to the takeaways? Tell us in the comments below.




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